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The Option to Hire or Purchase


for fat removal & treatment of cellulite



We offer the Cavi-Lipo as a Hire or purchase option.

To hire, we require you pay a non-refundable deposit of $750.00 (+ gst) and weekly Hire payments of $150.00 (+ gst) . There is no time limit on the hire term and you may terminate at any time. You may continue to Hire the machine or, if within the first 4 months you decide to purchase, we will refund you the initial deposit and all Hire payments against the purchase price. If after the 4 months but within 12 months you decide to purchase, then we refund you 50% of all payments.

The purchase price is $14,500 + gst

With the machine is included a training video and a detailed user manual. They explain the basic treatment procedures, the settings of the machine and pre and post care to gain maximum benefit from each treatment.