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2-in-1 LED Acne Device

2-in-1 … BOTH red & blue LED light options in one convenient hand-held device.
2-in- 1 LED Acne Device,New Zealand
The 2-in-1 hand-held LED Acne Device is ideal for home or clinic use as a treatment to reduce the visible effects of mild to moderate acne :


2-in- 1 LED Acne Device,Blue LED light therapy,Home USe,New Zealand


Blue LED light therapy

• Helps prevent pimples and acne developing
• Works to kill off the P-bacteria in the pimple/acne

2-in- 1 LED Acne Device,Red LED light therapy,Home USe,New Zealand


Red LED light therapy

• Soothes and heals the treated zones
• Targets the skin’s oil glands, assisting in acne control
• Is used for skin rejuvenation and reducing wrinkles.


What is LED therapy?


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