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Opera Mask

Opera LED Galvanic Regeneration Face Mask

As used by Jessica Alba - see her instagram selfie in the Daily Mail link below

The Opera is a low level light therapy mask which is a multiple skin care system providing both a low frequency LED treatment and the Galvanic treatment option.
The LED and Galvanic treatment options can be operated independently of each other.

The Opera mask offers larger facial coverage than the Deesse mask with the addition of the side sections

It also has an attachment for treating the neck area.

The Galvanic current option is supplied via conductive silicon electrodes.


MODE 1 (630nm+830nm):

Red & infrared LED light therapy – skin rejuvenation, soothing and healing mode

MODE 2 (415nm+630nm+830nm):

Blue & infrared LED light therapy - Acne and anti-bacterial treatment mode

MODE 3 (415nm+630nm+830nm):

Combination Red, blue and infrared LED light therapy as per above.


The infrared LED light runs in the background at all times and increases blood circulation.



Ergonomic Design.

  • Lightweight, compact and easy to move around
  • LED light is emitted close to the skin due to the "face" shape of the mask
  • The Opera covers a larger area of the face, including the neck area.

What is LED therapy?