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"We are having great results with the Opera LED mask, so are very happy!"

Andrea Pfeffer

Spektrum Skin Limited

London, UK


"I also want to thank you all for the wonderful service I have been getting, so prompt and easy when things go wrong, you fix it up just like that…

I SO appreciate it, so please pass this on. "

Louise Gray


Louise Gray Skin Care

Mission Bay, Auckland


"We are loving the Micro needle pen and so are our clients!

In saying that, we are in need of more needle cartridges. Could we order some more please?"

Michelle Nicholls

Manager & Owner

SkinTech Kapiti Ltd



"We have now had most of our clients having had on average 3 treatments [IPL] so can now see the ‘results’ so far. I have been pleased with what we see. I feel the machine is a very safe machine to use too. I have decided to purchase just the hair removal machine, as I am not ready to plough into the rejuv arena which is very competitive with these medical clinics now."



Titirangi, Auckland

(09) 817 9937


"Zen Skin has always found Intouch Medical an extremely professional unit who have always offered a high standard of service. Together with the IPL and Miracle Microdermabrasion machines we are proud to say that our clientelle are amazed at the incredible results they are having with all of their treatments."


Clinic Owner

Zen Skin,

Shop 16, Remuera Mall

(09) 529 9509