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100% New Zealand Owned & Operated

We are committed to helping you provide the safest environment possible for you, your staff and your customers.
Here is how we can help.

Utilising SafeSheilds market leading technologies, we can offer a complete range of products and services to ensure you are able to offer the safest environment to conduct your business in during and after COVID-19 outbreaks.

Products We Offer:

SafeSheild 24 hour advanced antimicrobial hand sanitiser. Apply once for up to 24 hours protection against almost any virus, bacteria or fungi – including COVID-19 (independently lab tested) the comes in contact with the hand.

SafeSheild 90 day advanced antimicrobial surface sanitiser. Apply to any surface and once dry it provides up to 90 days protection against almost any virus, bacteria or fungi – including COVID-19 (independently lab tested) the comes in contact with the surface. Normal cleaning routines and protocols do not affect the efficacy of the treated surface. Food safe and no-toxic.

3-Ply face masks and PPE to fit your requirements. Please reach out to request help acquiring the correct PPE for your specific needs.

Services We Offer:

Fogging using SafeSheilds advanced 90 day formulation applied by trained staff. Cold fogging is applied to any enclosed space and left to disperse for at least 2 hours (best left over night) in which it then dries to leave every surface treated.

Long lasting organic antimicrobial technology which dries to form an invisible, durable layer of biostatic surface protection. SafeShield does not contain heavy metals, is non-toxic, non-leaching and environmentally friendly. 

The core SafeShield technology works to physically disrupt the microorganism’s cellular membrane, eliminating any possibility of microbial resistance. 

SafeShield has approval for use on food contact surfaces.

SafeShield offers protection of surfaces against a variety of bacteria, fungi, and yeasts including but not limited to: Covid19, staphylococcus aureus, MRSA, listeria monocytogenes, E.coli, aspergillus niger, trichophyton, penicillium citrinum, aurreobasidium pullulans, postia placenta, Cladosporium sphaerospermum. 

ULV cold fogging in process by Intouch Medical during the first lockdown of 2020 in Auckland city.

How Long Does It Work For?  

Because the technology bonds to the surface, the protective microbiostatic layer keeps on working for considerable lengths of time. It does not re-dissolve detach from the surface except by vigorous abrasion. Therefore, existing cleaning regimes can be maintained. Studies have shown effectiveness for up to 90 days from the application depending on the surfaces applied. 

What is included in the service?

1 x Full ULV cold fog which quickly disburses to cover all services

1 x Wall mounted touch free hand sanitiser dispenser (installation included)

1 x 5L Hand Sanitiser / Surface cleaning refill

2 x 250mL bottles for surface sanitisation

2 x Wall mounted COVID-19 informative signs

Available to the upper North Island. Please enquire if you are located South of Rotorua – [email protected]

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