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100% New Zealand Owned & Operated

Intouch Medical Ltd joined the Hermes NZ group of companies (est 1944), in January 2017.  Hermes NZ Ltd proudly remains a New Zealand family owned business.

Intouch founded in 2002 and quickly established itself as a respected distributor of equipment and beauty products to the industry in New Zealand. We design, manufacture and import the Miracle branded devices, along with other world-leading technologies and skincare. We specialise in non-invasive systems for aesthetic skin treatments, serving both the medical and beauty sectors in New Zealand and Australia.

The effect and reliability of our devices are paramount to us along with international certification. We are specialists in the introduction of the latest effective technology and the delivery of training for effective use of the equipment. We provide technical engineering services that ensure your purchased devices run to best effect and meet certification. Regulation is key to give the user peace of mind and you will see all our devices meet international standards with either CE or FDA approvals.

Education and Training

Our goal is to educate the highest level ensuring best safe practices and predictable outcomes. All training is to Certified standards.

Engineering support

Our service technician service is available 24/7 ensuring your equipment investment is optimised by ongoing calibration testing and servicing.

Sales and support

Sales and customer service and marketing support are just a phone call away to help with orders of consumables and advise on new equipment.



Chris Burton

Sales and Training

Chris Burton

Kathy Warren

Office support

Adrian Dennis – Operations

Annie Chen – Accounts

Mitzi Diaz – Customer Service

Gary – Intern

Technical Services

Chris Burton

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