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Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

BP250 is the world’s first sphygmomanometer that displays the analysis results and QR code on the LCD display without printing out the result sheet and lets you use a smartphone or another mobile device to transfer, save, and show data.

Treatments: Body Analysis

Grow your practice with Accuniq BC360

Start using Accuniq BP250 for Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor in your practice today. This machine is available for purchase with finance options available in-house. Send us an enquiry today to find out more about Accuniq BP250.

In-House Finance Available

  • Clear and bright LED display screen
  • Simple one-touch function
  • Built-in voice guidance program and emergency safety device
  • Data that can be input from the rear when using the rear monitor
  • High-speed printer mounting and automatic cutter for clean and fast print output
  • Continuous comparative analysis with card reader
  • Automatic ON / OFF by proximity sensor for human body detection (power saving function)
  • Smooth curve design with a sense of stability

Product Details

· Measurement method: Oscillometric
· Measuring range: blood pressure 30 ~ 300mmHg, pulse 30 ~ 240 times / minute
· Display method: LED display
· Size: 463 x 324 x 275.9 mm (W x D x H)


Model Accuniq BP250

Measuring Method Oscillometric

Display Mode Wide Colour LCD Display (Size 7 inch, Pixel 800×480)

Measuring Ranges Pressure 30~300mmHg , Pulse 30~240 bpm

Accuracy Pressure ±3mmHg or ±3%, Pulse ±3%

Cuff Type  Belt Type

Power Supply AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz  | DC 12V, 5A adapter

Power Consumption 60A

Data Transmission RS-232C

Dimension 463 x 324 x 276mm (WxDxH)

Weight Approx. 11kg

Optional Equipment Cart, Chair (height adjustable), Reverse Monitor, Magnetic Card, RFID Card, Bluetooth, Connection of Weight+Body Fat+Height Measuring device

Result Contents Blood Pressure (Systolic-Diastolic-Mean blood pressure, Pulse Pressure), Pulse (Pulse), Analysis (Pulse Wave Pattern-Blood Pressure assessment), Reverse Monitor (Systolic-Diastolic Blood Pressure, Pulse, ID, B.M.I., Fatness)

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