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Body Contouring

Quick, effective, and non-invasive treatments. The results are visible and measurable from the first session.

Treatments: Body Contouring

Concerns: Body Contouring

Grow your practice with Cavi Fast

Start using Cavi Fast for body contouring in your practice today. This machine is available for hire or purchase with finance options available in-house. Send us an enquiry today to find out more about Cavi Fast or body contouring systems.

Hire from NZ$175 weekly

High Powerful System

Power of the transducers is more than 60 Walts for a diameter of 50mm, which means a power of 3W/cm2 (RMS)

Large Treatment Area

Cavifast is provided with handheld transducers with a diameter of 50mm which corresponds to a treatment area of 19.6cm2

LCD Touch Screen

Cavifast is equipped with a “resistant” colour touch screen of 5.7 inches, which offers the user readability and comfort of working even when wearing gloves


Allows the conversion of electric energy into mechanical ultrasound energy. Composed of in-alterable piezoelectric material, each transducer is formed of two pieces of ceramic adjusted in order to not overheat.

Auto-calibrate and Endurance

At each start-up, the system auto-calibrates the transducers, readjusting  the resonant frequency to optimum.


the analysis system measures the body composition by bio-impedance at 50kHz


The CAVIFAST  device (CE Medical Class IIb) emits low frequency ultrasounds with a cavitational effect. This DERMEO device reduces the volume of the treated area by lipolysis (fat cell volume reduction) and lipoclasia (rupture of the membrane of the adipocytes) in fat cells, which lead to a loss in centimeters and an improvement of the quality of the skin.

The CAVIFAST  device (CE Medical Class IIb) emits low frequency ultrasounds with a cavitational effect. This DERMEO device reduces the volume of the treated area by lipolysis (fat cell volume reduction) and lipoclasia (rupture of the membrane of the adipocytes) in fat cells, which lead to a loss in centimeters and an improvement of the quality of the skin.


Cavitation can treat fatty areas such as :

The abdomen
The hips (love handles)
Top of the thighs (saddle bags)
The buttocks
Length of treatment: 10 minutes per zone of 10 cm x10 cm.
For optimal treatment, 5 to 6 sessions may be necessary.

Proven results
For all donors, the results of the study showed an increased level of glycerol which was nearly twice the level of the glycerol release of the untreated control skin, after only 10 minutes of treatment with the CAVIFAST 2.

According to our clinical study conducted by a medical specialist and a clinical researcher on volunteer patients, all subjects who volunteered for slimming treatments showed excellent results that were visible from the first session.

Dimension in mm

(H x W x D) 260 x 510 x 440 (without trolley)
1020 x 510 x 520 (with trolley)


+/- 9 kg

Electricity supply

100 – 240 V~ / 50-60 Hz


140 Watts

Protection category

1, type BF


Electromedical Standards
CEI 60601-1 : 2005/2007
CEI 60601-1-6 : 2010
CEI 62366 : 2007
CEI 60601 -1-2 : 2007
oc certifi cate

Medical certification

Class IIB

Control Panel

LCD 320 x 240 pixel


Touch screen «Resistant» 5»7 Color TFT


2 years parts and labor within the limit of 500 hours of use for the device

Power of Transducers

60 Watts or 3 W/cm² (RMS)

Resonant Frequency

38 kHz +/- 2 kHz

Emission mode

Pulsed with active control pulse

Transducer dimensions

Ø 50 mm +/- 1 mm (Flat)
Ø 50 mm +/- 1 mm (Concave)

Maximum treatment time

60 minutes

Number of programs

2 : Remodeling, Maintenance

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