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Automatic Device for Microneedling Therapy

It helps increase the absorption rate of active ingredients of skin care products by creating physical pathways through skin. And it helps collagen and elastin induction through natural wound healing process of skin.

Grow your practice with Derma Fix

Start using Derma Fix for micro-needling treatment in your practice today. This machine is available for purchase only. Send us an enquiry today to find out more about Derma Fix or micro-needling systems.

  • Disk type needle: Each metal disk has four needles. And four disks compose one needle cartridge. When pricking the skin with the disk needles, the needles do not give severe damage to the skin and can be prevented from being broken or falling out.
  • Number of needle-16: The number of needle is 16, thus making more micro channels when compared to other autoneedling devices whose needle cartridges have 9-12 needles in general.
  • Thickness of needle– 0.20mm: The pricking sensation is minimized.
  • Cutting shape of needle–hexagon:
    The cross-section of each needle is configured to form a polygonal cross-section of at least six sides instead of a circular cross section, so that, when pricking the skin with the needles, the contact surface of each needle relative to the skin can be reduced, thus minimizing the pain.
  • Sterilized needles: hygiene, safety
  • Adjustable motor power and speed: 9 levels
  • Adjustable needle length-0.25mm~2.00mm: According to the purpose of treatment, needle length can be adjusted, which allows for more effective and affordable treatment for a patient with a multitude of skin conditions requiring different length of needles.→ cost-effective
  • Skin firming and lifting
  • Skin brightening and whitening
  • Improvement of fine lines and wrinkle
  • Improvement of acne scar
  • Improvement of burn scar
  • Improvement of stretch mark
  • Treatment of hair loss (alopecia)
  • Contraction of pores
  • Composition: device, adapter, needle cartridge (2 pcs)
  • RPM: 1,000~6,000
  • Adapter: Input – 100V~240V (50/60Hz) Output – DC 1~12V (100~1,000mA)
  • Motor voltage: 12V
  • Weight of device: 101g

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