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Medically Rated Micro-Needling Mesotherapy Device

The Miracle Digital Hand-NW is a wireless motorised digital hand piece that enables you to transfer skin care products to your skin and get better results.

Medically Rated Miracle Mesotherapy Tri-M-W

Start using the Miracle Digital Hand-NW in your practice today. Combine with Genosys Power Solutions for best results. This device is available for purchase only. Send us your enquiry today to find out more about Tri-M-W, micro-needling systems or permanent makeup.

Easy to use

  • Adjust speed with 7 steps of speed and power by clicking the button
  • Over 1200 perforations per second
  • Easy to adjust the length of the needles by turning the adjustment ring (Adjustable from 0 to 2mm)
  • Rechargeable, Long-lasting battery

Ergonomic Medical design

  • Comfortable for users
  • Reduces fatigue with light materials
  • No cables

Pause for user’s convenience

  • Pause right after putting down the hand-piece on the stand
  • Convenient pause without any button controls

Chargeable battery

  • 2-pack battery – operating and charging simultaneously

Disposable sterilised cartridges

  • Sterilised disposable needle cartridges
  • Special needle design to reduce pain
  • Compatible for PMU and MTS Needles

 Applied our own patent technology

  • Hygienically prevents being injected contaminant during the operation
  • Needle Cartridges are purchased separately

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