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Portable Impedance Body Composition Analyser

Comparison result with dilution method being the Golden Standard of calculating total body water.
High accuracy (correlation coefficient R=0.97), reappearance rate (correlation coefficient R=0.99)!

Treatments: Body Analysis

Grow your practice with Accuniq BC300

Start using Accuniq BC300 for body composition analysis in your practice today. This machine is available for purchase with finance options available in-house. Send us an enquiry today to find out more about Accuniq BC300 or body composition analysis systems.

In-House Finance Available


Measuring method Tetra-polar electrode method using 8 touch electrodes

Frequency Range 5, 50, 250 kHz

Measuring site whole body, segment measurement (arms, legs and torso)

Result Item Of protein, minerals, body water, body fat, muscle mass, fat free mass, weight, pyojunche, body mass index, Body fat, body age, basal metabolic rate, daily calorie needs, assessment body, body part 5 (the right arm, right leg, Left arm, left leg, lean mass / fat mass and evaluation, body composition changes in the body), adjustable guides (weight, body fat, Muscle adjusted value, adjusted goals per share adjustment, the adjustment period, the meal prescription calorie, Exercise prescription calorie), built Fat area, visceral fat level, waist circumference, abdominal obesity, blood pressure, impedance (our blood pressure monitor works when – optional) Height (ultrasonic extensometer interlocking City – optional)

Current About 280 mA

Power consumption 60 VA

Power supply Input (AC 100~240V, 50~60Hz), Output (DC 12V, 5A adapter)

Display 7 inch wide color LCD

Input device Keypad, PC remote

Transmissible device USB port

Printing device USB terminal (Specify the printer manufacturer), Thermal printer (optional)

Dimension 400 X 735 X 890mm (W X D X H) 400 X 845 X 2250mm (W X D X H / When extensometer works)

Weight About 10kg (main body) About 15kg (When extensometer works)

Measuring range 100 ~ 950 Ω

Measuring time Within 1 minute

Applicable height 50 ~ 220cm

Measuring weight 10 ~ 200kg

Applicable age 1〜99 years old

Operation ambient Ambient temperature range 5~40℃, Relative humidity range 15~93% (non condensing)

Storage ambient Ambient temperature range -25~70℃, Relative humidity range lower than 93% RH

Option Ultrasonic extensometer, thermal printer, Easy Body Plus (specialized practice type Counseling programs), automatic blood pressure measurement systems, dedicated bag type A (Re Quality thousands), private bag type B (material: plastic), USB memory

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