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Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

A blood pressure monitor that simultaneously detects a person’s movement state and blood pressure

Treatments: Body Analysis

Grow your practice with Accuniq BP800

Start using Accuniq BP800 for blood pressure monitor to your practice today. This machine is available for purchase with finance options available in-house. Send us an enquiry today to find out more about Accuniq BP800 or blood pressure monitor systems.

In-House Finance Available


Measuring method Oscillometric

Accuracy Pressure +/- 3mmHg or less than +/- 3%, Pulse less than +/- 3%

Measuring site blood pressure 30-30mmHg, pulse 30-240 times / minute

Method of exhaust Micro-controlled electronic exhaust type

Display Method TN LCD Display

BP800 tracks your blood pressure 24 hours a day by collecting your personal blood pressure data by taking your ambulatory blood pressure and pulse rate and sensing your movements with sensors and provides the objective data needed to diagnose and manage hypertension.

Innovative Movement Sensor

The BP800 offers significant advantages in ambulatory blood pressure monitoring due to the innovative movement sensor that determines the user’s activities while blood pressure measurements are taken. It also conveniently saves this information along with all of the blood pressure results data. The movement sensor is able to determine whether the user is lying down, moving, standing, sitting, walking or running and how the user is moving his/her arms.

Depressurising Measurement Method

Consistent with over 120 years’ sphygmomanometer history,ACCUNIQ Blood Pressure Monitors takes measurements of blood pressure as the cuffs are depressurized. This standard measurement method provides results that are quick and accurate.

Power DC 6V (AAA type 1.5v x 4)

Data Transmission USB Cable

Data Storage Maximum 576 Readings

Resolution 1mmHg

Pressurising Method DC Motor

Dimension 72 X 28 X 101mm(W X D X H)

Weight Approx. 155g (including battery)

Measuring time Approx. 1 minute

Storage Environment Temperature 10〜40℃, Humidity 30-75%93 (non condensing)

Operating Environment Temperature 20〜60℃, Humidity less than 95% (non condensing)

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