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100% New Zealand Owned & Operated

Over 150 years in skin care

Innoaesthetics is a dermoesthetic brand that offers professionals high quality medically rated products resulting from innovation and experience. 

The expertise of Fernando Bouffard PhD,. an international and renowned specialist in formulating dermatological products and treating hyperpigmentation, combined with an outstanding team, has given the INNO brand a wide range of products for a variety treatments.



Controlled Chemical Microexfoliation

INNO-EXFO  Offers professionals a complete range of chemical peels that combine a wide variety of acids to treat different pathologies and specific skin needs.

The active ingredients of each treatment act on the upper and middle layers of the skin to achieve optimal results, a renewed and revitalized skin.

INNO-EXFO improves the appearance of the skin, minimizes the signs of aging, provides luminosity, reduces hyperpigmentation and treats various skin disorders.

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Transdermal Release System

INNO-TDS The formulations can be administered, according to the professional’s decision, with different transdermal release techniques available in the market as non-invasive therapies. These allow the different active ingredients to cross the stratum corneum, reaching the deepest layers of the skin.

These ingredients are released, without damaging the skin, in the desired treatment area, without side effects and with rapid results. The purity and sterility of the formulations used in TDS is a basic rule to avoid unwanted ion concentrations, and thus allow us not to use preservatives.

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Home Care


Advanced Dermocosmetics 24/7

INNO-DERMA  is based on formulas designed to provide specific solutions to aesthetic problems.
A rigorous research process leads us to select the latest ingredients and create insurmountable combinations to improve the signs that appear on the skin over time.

Our exclusive formulas contain these ingredients in adequate concentrations to achieve optimal results in the treatment of the different signs of aging, aesthetic imperfections, as well as to maintain or improve results obtained in professional treatments.

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Inno Caps

INNO-CAPS Acts on the nutrition of cells and tissues, which translates into a comprehensive treatment from the INTERIOR that helps to obtain effective results. Acting from inside, INNO-CAPS have the ability to get r to the skin and correct the signs of aging, prevent hair loss and fight against fat deposits . Provide “beauty from within”, it is essential to improve r the appearance and health of skin. 

The difference between nutricosmetics and topical products is that the former work from the inside and reach the entire body, while topical treatments only reach a specific localized area.

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