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Dual Hi
Dual Hi
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Dual Hi

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HIFU is the newest treatment system to burn tissue by heating energy of high-intensity focused ultrasound. It is based on the same principle of the convex lens that burns the paper with a focused concentration of sunray.


  • Non-invasive
  • Various treatment depth
  • No damage on the skin surface
  • Minimal risk of adverse events

What is Dual HI?

Why Dual Transducer?

  • Less treatment time --> More profit
  • Faster shot speed --> Less pain
  • Reduce treatment time --> Feel comfortable

Advantages of Dual HI Body System

Compared with the face cartridge, the Dual HI Body cartridge is equipped with a wider and bigger transducer that is optimized fat reduction & body contouring.

Face cartridge is specially designed for face lifting & tightening with customization of power and MHz while cartridge for Body ( 2MHz & 3MHz ) generates higher density ultrasound to destroy subcutaneous adipose tissue in the abdomen and flanks.

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