SM Eraser Cream
SM Eraser Cream
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SM Eraser Cream

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BodyCell SM ERASER CREAM makes skin smooth and elastic and helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks safely and effectively.


Stretch mark (Striae distensae) is a common skin lesion that occurs when skin atrophies in the shape of a belt.

It is commonly found in teens and young adults, especially pregnant women. At the beginning stage, it appears thin and pink. Gradually it increases in length and width and becomes red-violet color. Finally, it appears sunken. Once the stretch mark appears, it is very difficult to remove them.

Accordingly, prevention is very important. As a treatment method for stretch marks, local tretinoin, laser, and microdermabrasion are considered but really effective treatment even to old stretch marks hardly exists.

Microneedling treatment is known as an effective treatment modality of stretch marks because it has an excellent scar treatment effect by accelerating the wound healing process.

Body cell introduces special treatment products that can be effectively combined with GENOSYS Body rollers.


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