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Mesosys Cellthera Hyal Fill-Up Kit Light

MESOSYS CELLTHERA HYAL FILL-UP KIT – LIGHT helps moisturize skin and increase skin volume with its key ingredient, sodium hyaluronate that has the excellent
ability to attract and hold onto water.

Kit Content
Mesosys Cellthera HYAL Fill-Up Solution
Mesosys Cellthera HYAL Fill-Up Solution

MESOSYS CELLTHERA HYAL FILL-UP SOLUTION is a high-performance hydrating and firming solution. Sodium hyaluronate makes skin hydrated and supple and increases skin volume by holding water in the skin. Sodium hyaluronate and adenosine, a well-known anti-wrinkle ingredient, help improve fine lines and wrinkles.

Mesosys Roller
Mesosys Roller

MESOSYS ROLLER stimulates skin and improves the absorption rate of the active ingredients.


* HA is the most hydrating polymer known which has the enormous water-binding capacity. The bigger the molecular size of HA is, the greater the water-binding capacity of HA is. However, it is difficult to deliver HA into the skin because of the relatively high molecular size of HA. Therefore, conventional cosmetic products contain low molecular HA. But MESOSYS CELLTHERA HYAL FILL-UP SOLUTION which contains high molecular HA can be effectively delivered into the skin with MESOSYS Roller and shows instant hydrating and firming effects by the great water-binding action.

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