INNO-EXFO offers skincare professionals a complete range of chemical peels that combine a variety of soft acids. They reach the upper layers of the skin to promote cell turnover and stimulate the synthesis of essential skin proteins, hence regenerating the tissues.

They can fight the signs of aging and visibly improve specific aesthetic concerns like stretch marks and pigmentation problems.

The range also includes chemical peels that effectively address determined skin disorders: acne, redness, xerosis, and skin hyperactivity.

INNO-EXFO chemical peels are made of pure and safe active ingredients at accurate concentrations that are gentle to the skin. They are painless, and quick, providing effective and visible results, from the first session. These peels do not require recovery time and the risk of adverse effects is minimal. All INNO-EXFO products include Smart GPS, a new technology that improves the penetrations of the actives and conveys them to the target group of cells to achieve optimal results. 

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