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D-cool is a multi-functional device with Heating, Cooling, and Electroporation functions. Heating enables to open pores and cooling helps relax your skin by reducing skin temperature and inflammation after treatments. Also, the electroporation function lets solutions penetrate deep into the skin with significantly more product penetration than Sonophoresis and Iontophoresis.


  • Penetration of the delivered compounds is above 90%
  • Decreased puffiness, increased collagen and elastin production, firming/lifting and regenerating effect
  • Restoring water balance in the skin
  • Alternative to mesotherapy
  • Virtual mesotherapy or without needles – acts as a virtual syringe
  • Non-invasive procedure: Low voltage stimulates the skin to open the dermal water channels and allow for high actives absorption with no to a little discomfort
  • Short treatment time: Dramatic results in a comfortable 25-35 minutes, possibly over lunch, for active women and men
  • No downtime: Skin looks greatly improved immediately after the treatment, and you can go back to your normal activities
  • No risk of scarring: Because the skin is never broken in the procedure, scarring and other abrasive effects are not possible
  • D-COOL delivers a small electric pulse to cells and tissues for a brief time that makes
    micro holes in the skin surface temporarily.
  • Through these micro holes, topical solutions can be penetrated into the skin easily and deeply.
  • Please see the Genosys power solutions and medical skincare that enhances treatment and results.
  • Significantly more product penetration than Sonophoresis and Iontophoresis.


  • Advanced Cooling & Heating function (Cooling 0℃ ~ -15℃ / Heating 0℃ ~ 40℃)
  • High penetration rate of solutions with Electroporation
  • Control pulse type (+) or (-)
  • Enable to apply any kind of solutions


  • Post care after Laser & MTS treatment
  • Effective penertration and absorbtion of solutions
  • Wrinkle & lifting treatment


  • Intensity 0~50
  • Mode Pluse+, Pluse-
  • Pulse 5kHz (Active : 100us / Rest : 100us)
  • Temperature -20 ℃ ~ 43 ℃
  • Fill Up O
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